Here's a short playable demo of a game i'm working on. A classic styled first-person shooter. Mixing up 2D sprites in a 3D world is pretty cool. This is currently work in progress.

New in this update: Alpha 2

  • You can now change the mouse sensitivity and crosshair color in the Options menu!
  • Extended the Demo Level!
  • Added a new enemy type
  • Jumping is now disabled
  • Fixed being able to pickup SMG Ammo even when you don't have the gun yet

Temporary art assets are from Doom I/II and sound effects from Half-Life! Enjoy and tell me what you think! ;)


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I really like this game! I think it is fun, and a nice demo overall! I love the art assets and the two guns. I would really love more of this in the future, so please reply to this comment to let me know when you make another update! (btw i think the difficulty curve is fantastic, something i used to struggle with when I started making games)

Its a fun game, consitering its a demo. would love to see more or a full game. love the doom art assets. love the mouse control for the weapons.