Underneath - Alpha 5

New in this update:

  • Added a new level
  • Added a new enemy type: Skeleton
  • Throws skulls at the player that causes '5' damage
  • Behaves like a homing missile
  • Changed the color of level images border in Level Selection screen
  • Fixed Pause Button being hard to press
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

The Android version of Underneath is now available for testing! 

To become a tester, just e-mail me your e-mail address so you can be added to the list of Closed Alpha Testers and gain access to Underneath's Google Play Page!

My E-mail: gab.anciano@gmail.com


Here's a 2D Platformer game i'm currently working on. 

Mostly involving collecting objects to unlock or access a certain area in the level or another level. Has two kinds of enemies and valuable pickups (Health and Ammo) at the moment. Planning to add more contents!

Stay tuned!



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by the way do you have any testers? If not i might want to become one...

wow this game is hard. Can't even beat the second level. Really though out of all your games this might be my favorite! cute pixel graphics, well designed levels, and guns. Who could go wrong with this?